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I just discovered that The Umbrella Country has a Facebook Page. Yay! Please Fan the book: The Umbrella Country Facebook Fan Page

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A Year of Reading the World. What a great idea!!! This list is precious. Ann Morgan spent a year reading books from all over the world 196 countries, countless stories.

10 Pinoys in International Publishing Scene

The Umbrella Country Debuts on Nook and Kindle in February 2011!

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Thanks so much for visiting my page. This page badly needs updating. I have not found the time to do that. It will be my project for 2016. However, if you found your way here through social media, please note that I blog/write for The Huffington Post every chance I got. Here is the link:

Huff Post: Dear Nora Aunor, Greatest Filipina Actress, Brown and Beautiful

Philippine cinema today is a city of bleached-brown faces and light-skinned faces that magically don’t tan in the tropical sun. Manilawood is a city that privileges mestizo actors by placing them at the center of local narratives, actors with names that by Filipino standards are foreign. If not for the brown Filipinos in the background, a viewer of Filipino movies would think that the movie is in fact set in Mexico or in some part of latin america where the mestizaje is historically alive and well.

Dear . . . (Recent Huffington Post Articles)

We immigrants mark our historical presence in America by the names of heroes who gave us a voice, an anodyne to invisibility in a country where documented history keeps some and discards others. It took me a long time to fully grasp Filipino-American history.

huffpo: Dear Beautiful Mother . . . (Happy Mom’s Day!)

There will always be the unflinching devotion of a son to his mother, and history has shown many a similar story, and mine is similar too, except that I’m gay. A gay person’s life journey can have be made difficult by being rendered… “different.” You see, I never came out to our family. I never had to rehearse for weeks what to say, sit relatives down in a circle and make that traumatizing first confession — “I’m gay” — and leave the rest to the unforgiving hands of fate.

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The Philippine Edition of The Gods We Worship Live Next Door received the 28th Philippine National Book Award for Poetry in November, 2009 from the National Book Development Board and Manila Critic's Circle. The collection was orginally published by Utah Press in 2006 as a recipient of the Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize, and was released by Anvil Publishing in the Philippines in 2008. The Philippine National Book Awards honors the best books published in the Philippines in 2008. The Gods We Worship Live Next Door is technically Realuyo's first book published in the Philippines. Purchase information for the U.S. edition is available on this website. Other winners are listed here on Manila Times. Sample poem in The Nation.

Order Signed Copies from the Author

You can order signed copies of the award-winning poetry collection, The Gods We Worship Live Next Door" from the author for $10 plus mailing (in the U.S., a total of $12 +) . Please email author at You can also pay by Paypal.
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