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What's New?

Thank you to The Harvard Review for publishing one of my  #RebelSonnets.  #Notes for Soma . . . is here


Sonnets from my manuscript, #TheRebelSonnets can be found in the current or recent issues of The Georgia ReviewNorth American Review Painted Bride Quarterly,  New American Writing,  Salamander, Another Chicago Magazineand The Common .   Big thanks to the editors and staff! 


#TheRebelSonnet #Hippocampus looks beautiful on the pages of the Whiting awarded literary magazine, The Common.  I also did a taped reading of the poem.  Click here  

Such an honor to hear editors of Painted Bride Quarterly Podcast discuss my #RebelSonnets!  PBQ's podcast is really inspiring.  I have listened to most of them.  It's good to hear what goes through editors' minds when they read our work.

Nothing like the first podcast of my #RebelSonnets.  Thanks, Twin Cities Review.

"Dear Blood"  Missouri Review's Poem of the Week.  There is a short description on why I wrote the #RebelSonnet

Two #RebelSonnets in Adirondack Review:

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Short Biography


Bino A. Realuyo is the author of the novel, “The Umbrella Country”  and the poetry collection, “The Gods We Worship Live Next Door”.  His literary works have appeared in The Nation, The Kenyon Review, The Missouri Review, Harvard Review, Asymptote, North American Review, ZYZZYVA and are forthcoming in New American Writing, Salamander, The Georgia Review, and The Common. He is a 2018 NYSCA/New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in fiction.  He has recently completed two books, “Funny Little Island People” (fiction) and “#TheRebelSonnets” (poetry).  He was recently honored to have his poem "Filipineza" included by U2 in its 30th anniversary concert tour of Joshua Tree in Manila. 

Click for Realuyo's Literary Curriculum Vitae . 

Long Biography


Bino A. Realuyo was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the U.S. as an adolescent.  He started writing plays and poetry as a child, but his love for world history, cultures and languages drove him to pursue International Studies at the American University’s School of International Service and Universidad Argentina de la Impresa in Buenos Aires.  Later in life, he pursued graduate studies in education and non-profit management at Harvard University as a Leadership Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government's Center for Public Leadership


He started publishing professionally in the U.S. in his early 20s, but he has always worked outside the literary and academic establishments as a community organizer and educator.   Fourteen years after his immigration to NYC, he published his first book, the novel The Umbrella Country (1999). The San Francisco Chronicle called The Umbrella Country as a “significant contribution to Filipino-American literature.”  He is also the author of a poetry collection The Gods We Worship Live Next Door (2005) which won an Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry and the 2009 Philippine National Book Award. Judge Grace Schulman described Realuyo’s work as “passionate without a trace of sentimentality.”

Realuyo co-founded the seminal literary organization, The Asian American Writers Workshop in 1991, and has since consistently published in literary journals, anthologies, and magazines.  He edited The NuyorAsian Anthology: Asian American Writings About New York City (1999), which mapped Asian American life in New York City, from the works by poet Jose Garcia Villa in the 1930s and the birth of the Asian-American literary and political movement in the 1970s to more contemporary voices; and the special Filipino and Filipino-American issue of The Literary Review, "Am Here: Contemporary Filipino Writings in English” (2000).”

Reauyo books
Realuyo U2 Joshua Tree Concert Manila.JP

BIG BIG thanks to U2 for including my poem "Filipineza" in its #JoshuaTreeTour2019 in Manila, and for spotlighting #humanRights and #PressFreedom during its concert.  Also thank you to these publications for featuring the poem in the news.  In our fight for the #truth in a new world that continues to chip away our freedoms and deny us our #HumanRights, I hope poetry could make a difference. 

From Rappler:  Fil-Am poet Bino Realuyo's work to be featured in U2's first Philippine concert

From CNN Philippines:  U2 is set to feature Fil-Am artist’s poem in PH concert

ABS-CBNBehind the poem about Filipino maids used in the U2 concert at Philippine Arena

Inquirer USA: U2’s Manila concert to feature novelist Bino Realuyo’s poem

When in Manila : U2 To Feature Filipino Poet Bino Realuyo’s Work In First Philippine Concert

GMA News: U2’s Manila concert to feature Fil-Am writer’s poem ‘Filipineza’

Fil-Am: U2’s Manila concert to feature Bino Realuyo’s poem ‘Filipineza’

U2Songs: Where Poets Speak their Hearts: The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

GMA News Online: U2 takes the Philippines to church on first Manila gig

Manila Bulletin: U2 concert to feature poem by Fil-Am poet

And mentions here: 

CNN Philippines: U2 honors Corazon Aquino, Maria Ressa, Pia Cayetano, other Filipino women in PH concert

Preview PH: All the Filipino Women U2 Honored During Their "Ultraviolet" Performance

Community Sites

Tayo News:  U2's Manila Concert Features Fil-Am's Poem

and Filam Arts

After years of writing and editing, I have recently finished two manuscripts, fiction and poetry: "With Love, Sandra Queen of Fish Sauce and Other Stories" and "The Rebel Sonnets."

Thank you, New York Foundation for the Arts for my second NYFA Fellowship in Fiction.  I received it for my new book of fiction, "With Love, Sandra Queen of Fish Sauce and Other Stories". An honor!


Thank you, 2040 Books for including my book, "With Love, Sandra Queen of Fish Sauce and Other Stories" in your book finalist list!  A delight to be among such wonderful writers.

Thank you to Irish American Writers and Artists (IAW&A) for inviting me to join them for the Social Justice celebration of MLK Jr. Day and for inviting me to your annual Pride Salon, a reading in memory of Lyra McKee.  Special thanks to Miranda Stinson for oganizing a very moving event.

In 2015, Asymptote published an excerpt of a very long story, Miss Chapati Queens from my collection, "With Love, Sandra Queen of Fish Sauce and Other Stories."

Bino Realuyo U2 Joshua Tree Concert Mani

He has published literary works in literary journals and magazines such as The Nation, The Kenyon Review, The Missouri Review, The Literary Review, Asymptote, ZYZZYVA, New Letters, Manoa: A Pacific  Journal of  International Writing, Mid-American, Review, Puerto del Sol, Borderlands, Snail’s Pace Review, Adirondack Review, The Asian Pacific American Journal, and most recently in North American Review, New American Writing Painted Bride Quarterly, Salamander, and The Common.


Realuyo has been graciously honored with two fellowships in fiction from NYSCA/New York Foundation for the Arts, Valparaiso Fellowship for fiction, Urban Artists Grant for fiction, Queens Council on the Arts for poetry, Yaddo Fellowship for poetry, Van Lier Fellowship for poetry, Asian American Writer’s Workshop “Member’s Choice” Literary Award, a Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, and a 2009 Philippine National Book Award for Poetry.   


Although he works outside the literary and academic MFA systems, he has been invited to readings and lectures across the country and abroad, including colleges and universities such as Borough of Manhattan Community College, University of Miami, Fordham University, SUNY Buffalo, Fairleigh Dickingson University, Morristown, NJ; Barnard College, Columbia University, NY; Boston College, Boston, MA; A/P/A Studies Institute, New York University; University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; University of California, Riverside, CA; Hampshire College, NH; University of Chicago, IL; University of California, Berkeley, CA; Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA; and the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

He is passionate about social justice, having worked as an educator and community organizer in New York City for the past 30 years.  He learned the language of social justice from his father, a survivor of WW2 Bataan Death March and Japanese Concentration Camps in the Philippines.   He currently directs an adult literacy and education programs for immigrant adult learners.  He created We Speak America, a podcast for immigrant adult learners.  He is a world traveler and speaks four languages. 

Click for Realuyo's Literary Curriculum Vitae . 

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Bino Realuyo
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Please follow on social media:  

Twitter:  @BinoARealuyo


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