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#TheRebelSonnets: Where to Find Them in Literary Journals

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Update, January 18, 2021: Another #RebelSonnet will appear online on The Harvard Review.

The Common has also include my reading of #TheRebelSonnet #Hippocampus.


(Originally published on April 12, 2020)

In the past three years, I have been publishing poems from my completed manuscript #TheRebelSonnets. Thank you, editors for publishing them.

I just heard that four #RebelSonnets will also appear in The Georgia Review and two in Another Chicago Magazine. Sonnets from my manuscript, "The Rebel Sonnets" have appeared in the current or recent issues of North American Review Summer 2019, ZYZZYVA's Resistance Issue #111, New American Writing #37, Salamander #49, and The Common Issue 19.

Online the Rebel Sonnets can be found in: The Missouri Review's Poem of the Week, Adirondack Review, Two Cities Review and a separate podcast discussion, and Painted Bride Quarterly and in a separate podcast discussion.

Thank you, literary journal subscribers for supporting them!

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